“We are convinced that each of our wines should be considered the progeny of our land and our history. The authenticity of our wine was born out of 400 years of vibrant passion and careful research.”


The Tedeschi family boasts a deep bond with Valpolicella, which has kept them on a path that seeks out quality in the wines of the terroir, namely grapes grown on hillsides. From 1630 the Tedeschi name has believed in the great bounty of its wine production, ever enhancing it with innovative production me- thods and environmental manage- ment techniques.

It is the Tedeschi way to search for wines that move the spirit and pay homage to this magnificent land. For the Tedeschi family it is most essential to listen to the constant demands, inclinations and timing of the land to best interpret every single vintage. In this way, even the seasons become an integral part of wine production.

The Tedeschis have always belie- ved in the hillside vineyard, where even the poorest land can produce a product with complexity and structure.

For the Tedeschis the land is what needs to be looked after, followed, respected and interpreted. It is the anchor that helps perpetuate the production of wines with persona- lity and style that stand out in the market.

Tedeschi produces powerful, ele- gant wines that are graced with big personalities and typicality. Color, aroma and taste express the strong character of the men who produce the wine, the sweetness of the hills where the grapes grow, and the richness and complexity of the history of traditions preserved in Valpolicella. The Tedeschi style can be captured in the instinctive long sighted vision evident since the early 60’s when Lorenzo Tede- schi had the intution to vinify sepa- rately the grapes from the Monte Olmi vineyard, thus creating one of the very first Cru from Valpolicella. Today, Monte Olmi is emblematic of the winery and the territory.

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