Corona Extra beer is the most popular frothy drink in Mexico, it is exported in large quantities to the USA. In the world, Corona Extra is one of the five best-selling varieties; it is sold in 150 countries. Fans of this drink appreciate the light refreshing taste, delicate aroma of corn and meadow herbs, a characteristic frothy cap. The specific taste of the drink is explained by the presence of ingredients such as corn, rice, ascorbic acid. Recommend to drink beer "Corona Extra" with a slice of lemon or lime.

In 1925, the La Cerveseria Modelo brewery was built in the capital of Mexico, the owner of which was Grupo Modelo. It was decided to produce beer with a pronounced character, and as a container to use strict bottles that should not distract the attention of buyers from the contents.

An aggressive marketing policy led to the fact that after only three years the company became the leader of the Mexican beer market, sales of Corona beer and other brands of the company were 8 million bottles, and it was only in the domestic market. And two years later, exports to the United States were established.

Along the way, the company buys trademarks from other brewers and further increases sales. In 1930, its products appeared in the United States, where the brand quickly became the most popular among imported brands.


Corona Extra
Corona Extra

Цвет: пиво бледно-золотистого цвета с большой белой пенной шапкой.

Вкус: тонкий, освежающий, сухой, легкий, мягкий, с нотками кукурузы, зерна, солода, извести, горчинкой хмеля, сладковатым послевкусием. Аромат: чувствуются оттенки зерна, кукурузы, бисквита и трав.

Гастрономические сочетания:  пиво подается охлажденным, в бутылке, с кусочком лайма или лимона. Можно употреблять с сырами, моллюсками, барбекю, блюдами тайской, латиноамериканской, индийской кухни. Рейтинги и награды: BA-100(55) / RB(1.68)/ OBBD(8). 

Упаковка: Без упаковки

Емкость: Бутылка

Емкость, литр: 0,355

Алкоголь: 4,5%

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