The brewery “LINE BREW BOTTLERS”, as the founder of the premium beer line in Kazakhstan, presents a new product - GinZa. This is a modern youth beer brewed specifically for urban trendsetters. GinZa is a silver courtyard, which is considered the most luxurious area in the world. This is the meeting place of the rising sun with the West. “The West is the West, the East is the East, and it would seem that they will not converge,” but GinZa is exactly the case when they came together, and forever. This meeting - light and caramel barley malt, led to the name of GinZa beer. GinZa, as a product of the spirit of change and luxury, is precisely the taste that embodied in caramel-colored beer, so elegant, so delicate. Bright and bitter hops lead us to travel from the Meiji period to our time. Caramel color beer. Pasteurized. Without preservatives.

Brand: GинZа

GинZа – это современное молодежное пиво, сваренное специально для городских трендсеттеров. Пиво карамельного цвета. Пастеризованное. Без консервантов.

Упаковка: Без упаковки

Емкость: Кег

Емкость, литр: 20/30

Алкоголь: не менее 5%

Состав: Вода питьевая очищенная, светлый ячменный солод, карамельный ячменный солод, сахарный сироп, горький хмель и хмель ароматный.

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