The company produced a lot of liqueurs, the names of which no one will remember now, but it was destined to remain in the centuries only one - fragrant and spicy amber-colored liqueur.

The liquor was born in 1885 with the name Elisir Lungavita and immediately received notable recognition. 11 years later, marking the marriage of the charming Princess Elena of Montenegro to Prince Vittorio Emanuele III, Stanislao decided to dedicate his storied elixir to her royal highness, changing it’s name to Amaro Montenegro. Liqueur "AmaroMontenegro" successfully participated in many exhibitions and was noted in many ratings. One of the most famous Italian poets of the twentieth century, Gabrieled’Annunzio, called him “the spirit of virtue”.

Amaro is the name of any herbal liqueur in Italy (in Germany it corresponds to the name “bitter”). And, perhaps, the liqueur "AmaroMontenegro" is the benchmark in its category. The “AmaroMontenegro” liqueur contains more than 40 different herbs, but the exact recipe of this amazing drink is kept in the strictest confidence. It is best to use liquor in pure form or with ice. At one time, there was a fashion for using it in cocktails at long drinks, but this way would make it impossible for you to enjoy the delicious multi-faceted taste of "Amaro Montenegro".

Today, the AmaroMontenegro brand is owned by GrupoMonnegro, which has been producing and selling alcoholic beverages on all continents for over 120 years.



Rich amber colored liquor. It has a rich spicy taste, surprisingly combining sweetness, sourness and light bitterness. On the palate there are shades of citrus, cherry and black tea. Liquor is characterized by a bright aroma with notes of fragrant herbs, spices and citrus.

Liquor is best consumed in pure form or with ice. It will be indispensable as a digestif. Can be used to make cocktails.

Amaro Montenegro
Amaro Montenegro

Ликер насыщенного янтарного цвета. Обладает богатым пряным вкусом, удивительным образом сочетающим в себе и сладость, кислинку и легкую горечь. Во вкусе чувствуются оттенки цитрусовых, вишни и черного чая. Ликер характеризуется ярким ароматом с нотами душистых трав, пряностей и цитрусовых.

Ликер лучше всего употреблять в чистом виде или со льдом. Он будет незаменим в качестве дижестива. Можно использовать для приготовления коктейлей.

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