In 1979, Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi created Opus One (Opus One), one of the best wineries in California. Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi met in 1970 for the first time. Soon the merger of two great names brought a notable results. In 1981, a box of 12 bottles of wine from the new plant was sold at Napa Valley for $ 24,000 — the highest price for California wine in history.

The first Opus One wines came out in 1984. These were the wines of the 1979 and 1980 harvests. They were the first ultra-premium American wines. The price of a bottle of Opus One starts at $ 50.

The team of managers of the joint venture was renewed a bit later. In 1985, Patrick Leon and Timothy Mondavi became the main winemakers of the Opus One.

In 1988, after the death of Philip, all his affairs went to his daughter - the artistic baroness Philippine de Rothschild. Philippine brought to Opus One its sophisticated love of art, making the processes of building new enterprise facilities and making wine even more aristocratic and refined than they were. In the same year, Opus One wines became the first ultra-premium California wines sold for export. Started selling of the Opus One in France, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Opus One American wines won the hearts of European connoisseurs, and international sales began to grow. In 1999, Opus One celebrated its 20th anniversary in New York, Paris and London arranging gala dinners. In 2001, the release of wine of the 20th harvest (1998) was celebrated in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Opus One
Opus One

Вино имеет глубокий красно-рубиновый цвет. В аромате угадываются оттенки лепестков роз, черной смородины и черешни скомбинированы с нотами марципана и сандалового дерева, табака, кофе мокко и кожи. Сочный и элегантный вкус вина характеризуется атласной, гладкой текстурой, округлыми танинами, яркой кислотностью, заманчивыми цветочными нотами и тонами черных ягод, долгим стойким послевкусием с нотками гвоздики и черного шоколада.    

Рекомендуется к плотным блюдам изысканной кухни, прежде всего к блюдам из благородной дичи, утки и баранины, а также к зрелым сырам.

Упаковка: Без упаковки

Емкость: Бутылка

Литр: 0.75

Температура сервировки: 17 °C

Тип: Магнум

Цвет: Красное

Крепость: 14,5%

Сорт винограда:  79% Каберне Совиньон 7% Каберне Фран 6% Мерло 6% Пти Вердо 2% Мальбек 

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