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Founded in 2007, the winery Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato takes its name from one of the most illustrious characters of Valdobbiadene. Known as Bishop of Poitiers, Venanzio Onorio Clemenziano Fortunato was born in Valdobbiadene in the sixth century AD; he was the author of some magnificent texts on the cultivation of vines and wine, as well as of numerous sacred hymns still used today by the Church. The name of our cellar evokes values and ties that are so strong and binding for us: the land, splendid and demanding; the roots of an inimitable wine culture dating back centuries; the poetry of a fascinating profession and a project to be cultivated; the omen, or better still, the awareness of the “good fortune” of anyone can live in and know these lands.

The Winery

Valdobbiadene is a land to be “tasted”.  The eno-gastronomic aspect is actually in close connection with the territory. Thanks to the coexistence of different kinds of soils, the steepness of the hills and the position close to the Prealps, this territory is particularly suitable for the cultivation of  superb vines. Being located halfways between Venice and the Dolomites, and very close to the towns of Conegliano and Asolo, the growth of  the center of Valdobbiadene has developed since the Middle Ages. The origins of the oenological tradition of  this territory can be dated back to the end of the 18° Century.But only after the introduction of the DOC appellation in 1969 Valdobbiadene (together with Conegliano) obtained the status of   Capital of Prosecco. The roots of viticulture date back to past centuries, and similarly the vines plunge their roots in the ground and  find their nourishment in a terroir which is naturally  rich in iron, clay, conglomerates of rocks and sand.


Monica Ganz, who comes from from Valdobbiadene, hasalways worked in the world of Prosecco. First in charge of the secretariate of the Strada del Proseccoand Vini dei Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene, she hasalso been Directorof Altamarca and of the National Exhibition of Sparkling Wines. Gabriele Gregolo is a great wine enthusiast who, after a long experience as sales manager in the family business, has transferred his know-how to the management of the cooperative winery with Monica.



Интенсивный, изящный аромат с доминантной ноткой маленьких зрелых ягод: лесной земляники, красной смородины, малины и нюансами цитрусовых цветов. Вкус очень свежий, элегантный.    

Отлично подходит в качестве аперитива, хорошо сочетается с блюдами из белого мяса и рыбы.

Упаковка: Без упаковки

Емкость: Бутылка

Литр:  0,75

Тип:  Игристое

Цвет: Розовое

Крепость:  11,5%

Сорт винограда: Пино Нуар

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